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Aviva Tilson, Audiologist and I Love Hearing Owner

Nassau County resident Aviva Tilson earned her Masters in Audiology from CUNY Brooklyn in 2006. In 2007, she opened her own New Jersey-based practice, where she worked with patients and doctors to advocate for the inclusion of in-depth hearing testing in yearly checkups. In 2011, a leading hearing aid brand recruited Aviva to reshape how the company interacted with customers and met their hearing goals. In 2016, the hearing aid industry’s single largest company hired Aviva to spearhead retail strategy for its thousands of storefronts across North America.

Aviva used her ample hearing aid experience to launch I Love Hearing in 2017. With I Love Hearing, Aviva has prioritized both customer satisfaction and patient outcomes, in the process empowering hundreds of people in the New York area to regain their hearing and experience the world just as they once did. She specializes in using the specifics of a patient’s hearing loss to devise solutions fitted just for them. She prides herself on providing I Love Health’s clients or their loved ones with enough information to leave all final decisions in their hands – her role is to advise and listen, in hopes the patient will soon have the technology needed to fully listen back.

Dr. Krista Cirillo, Au.D., F.A.A.A.

Dr. Krista Cirillo, Au.D., F.A.A.A. graduated from Montclair State University in 2014 with a Doctorate in Audiology. Immediately upon earning her doctorate, Dr. Cirillo began working full-time in audiology. At I Love Hearing, she has continued to use her expertise in diagnosing hearing loss and passion for recommending ideal hearing restoration technologies to best serve clients and their loved ones.

Seth Dank, M.A., F.A.A.A.

For over three decades, Seth Dank, M.A., F.A.A.A has ranked among the most prominent New York hearing aid specialists. He graduated from Hofstra University with a Master’s in Audiology, and since then, he has served countless New Yorkers and their loved ones with digital hearing aid fittings and leading hearing restoration technologies.

Caitlin Cooper, Au.D.

Caitlin Cooper, Au.D.  graduated with her doctorate in Audiology from the University at Buffalo in 2014. She has always wanted a career where she could help others live better lives and she became interested in working in the hearing industry after the birth of a deaf family member. Caitlin specializes in diagnostic testing and gets great joy from helping to improve others quality of life through better hearing. When she is not in the office Caitlin loves travelling and learning about different cultures and their history.

Kimberli Nelson, Patient Retention Manager

Kimberli Nelson joined the team in July of 2019. She has over a decade of customer service experience. One of the reasons she enjoys her position as a Patient Retention Manager is because she finds satisfaction in serving the needs of our patients.

One of the main ways she does this is by assisting our patients to remain active with their healthcare by means of ‘check-up’ phone calls. She gets a true sense of satisfaction by being helpful in caring for the needs of those we serve. On her days out of the office she enjoys volunteering, hiking, and a good laugh with friends.

Melissa Ganz, Patient Care Coordinator

Melissa Ganz B.S. graduated from Monmouth University in Long Branch. She has a background in healthcare, holding a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and prior to joining the I Love Hearing team she was an assistant at a chiropractic office.  Melissa loves to create a unique experience for each and every patient that walks through our doors and true success to her is having every patient leaving our office with a smile. One of her favorite hobbies is running and she makes time to do this every chance she gets.  You can count on Melissa to give you a warm welcome and be by your side every step of the way at I Love Hearing.

Sandy Pittman, Office Manager

Sandy Pittman has managed medical offices for more than two decades. Sandy is an expert in determining the proper services needed for clients and their loved ones, and she is deeply familiar with the numerous hurdles that accompany processing insurance claims.

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