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From Manhattan to Nassau County locations such as Port Washington and New Hyde Park, our hearing professionals continue to help our patients restore the joy of hearing. At I Love Hearing, our caring experts listen to your needs and find the right hearing solution for you, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

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Learn more about our hearing services, including hearing aid fitting and tinnitus therapy.

At I Love Hearing, we don’t offer just hearing aids to our clientele. Many satisfied patients throughout NYC, Nassau County locations such as Port Washington and New Hyde Park, and other Long Island cities have turned to us for our expansive hearing loss services.

Hearing aid fitting

When you choose I Love Hearing, you choose a team of licensed audiologists that lets you try your hearing aids before buying them, no matter the brand.

Hearing testing

If you’re worried about your hearing, let our audiologists diagnose whether you have hearing loss and to what extent you have it.

Hearing aid repair

We offer hearing aid repairs in office to ensure your device is always in top shape and working optimally at all times.

Hearing protection

Prevent or slow down future hearing loss with our hearing protection services.

Tinnitus therapy

Are your ears ringing nonstop? We can help identify therapies that can ease the noise and help you hear more clearly.

Ear wax management

Don’t let buildup block the way. At I Love Hearing, we can remove obstacles to your hearing, excess ear wax included, or refer you to a partner ENT for more serious cases.

Auditory processing evaluation

An auditory processing evaluation can reveal signs of auditory nervous system problems.

Auditory therapy and rehabilitation

At I Love Hearing, we help our patients struggling with understanding speech achieve improved comprehension.

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FAQs About Hearing Aids

Questions about hearing aids? Learn about the roots of hearing loss, the way hearing aids work, the adjustment period for new hearing aid users, and more via our FAQ page.

About I Love Hearing

At I Love Hearing, we operate five NYC, Nassau County, and Long Island offices staffed by state-certified audiologists. Our hearing aid specialists take in-person appointments at all our locations. Click here to see where our offices are located and learn all about our team.

What our customers are saying:

    positive review  PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING

    Lois Gabay Avatar Lois Gabay
    May 29, 2019

    positive review  Wonderfully compassionate staff -- skilled, patient, personal, don't try to hard sell.

    Devera E. Witkin Avatar Devera E. Witkin
    February 21, 2019

    positive review  Happy with my hearing aid and am benefitting from wearing it all the time, instead of only wearing it at work as I had been.

    Edward Dickman Avatar Edward Dickman
    July 14, 2016

We go a step beyond the average audiology practice. Our hearing aid specialists offer hearing aid fittings for nearly every available hearing aid brand, rather than just one manufacturer.

Among the brands we offer are:

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