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Restore Your Hearing With I Love Hearing’s Services

At I Love Hearing, our audiologists offer the following services to our patients in the Nassau County, Long Island area.

Hearing aid fitting

Hearing aids will only work to address hearing loss if they properly fit to your ear. At I Love Hearing, our hearing aid specialists pride themselves on ensuring proper fits that minimize itching, discomfort, and sweating.

Hearing aid repair

Encountering difficulties with your hearing aids? I Love Hearing can fix them. Our audiologists can address feedback, interference, overly tight fits, and many other forms of hearing aid damage or malfunction.

Hearing testing

Showing signs of hearing loss? Visit I Love Hearing for an appointment to determine whether you’re hearing properly. Don’t wait to contact us – most people ignore obvious signs of hearing loss until they’re too late to address.

Hearing protection

Constantly exposed to loud noise? Let I Love Hearing design customized earpieces that eliminate harsh frequencies without distorting sound. Your hearing will thank you in the long run.

Tinnitus therapy

Are your ears ringing nonstop? We can determine whether you’re suffering from tinnitus and develop a plan to reduce the annoying sounds in your ears.

Ear wax management

Ear wax buildup is natural, but excessive ear wax can put a blanket on your hearing. At I Love Hearing, our audiologists can work with you to control your ear wax levels and restore your hearing to its maximum or refer you to a partner ENT for more serious cases.

Improving Cognitive Function

When you meet with one of our hearing specialists, we assist with your cognitive rehabilitation to support your ability to hear clearly and fully comprehend the sound around you.

Auditory therapy & rehabilitation

In some cases, additional speech comprehension treatments may be needed beyond standard hearing aids. I Love Hearing offers auditory therapy and rehabilitation services to anyone struggling with understanding speech.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Repair Services

At I Love Hearing, our hearing aid specialists don’t just recommend hearing aids – they make them work. Our hearing aid fitting and repair services make hearing aids comfortable and properly functional for all users and address issues such as feedback and interference.

Learn more about our hearing aid fitting and repair services.

Tinnitus Therapy Services

At I Love Hearing, we can help you fight that pesky ringing in your ears. Through tinnitus therapy, our audiologists can determine the cause of your tinnitus and recommend the treatment methods best for you.

Learn more about our tinnitus therapy treatments.

Don’t wait to address your hearing needs!

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