Hearing Aid Basics

Whether due to disease, aging, occupational hazards or sudden noise exposure, tumor growth, traumatic brain injury, and certain medications, hearing loss affects all manner of people.

Not all cases of hearing loss are created equal, so certain hearing aids will perform better for different users. No matter what, hearing loss is far from a life-ruining experience, with discreet hearing aids removing any social stigma.

Our Process

At I Love Hearing Inc., we undertake a special process to ensure that our Nassau County clients receive the ideal hearing loss solutions for their needs.

How does I Love Hearing determine which hearing aids are best?

At I Love Hearing, we carefully review your medical history, hearing loss symptoms, and the onset of your hearing loss to determine the hearing aid best for you. You may be asked about tinnitus (consistent ringing in the ear) and vertigo, both of which can accompany hearing loss.

Will I Love Hearing refer me to another doctor?

In some cases, our audiologists may opt to refer you to a medical doctor for an in-depth examination. This examination may uncover sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), which causes roughly 90 percent of hearing loss cases. SNHL involves damaged inner ear structures or nerve endings, and it’s best treated with hearing aids.

When will I Love Hearing recommend hearing aids?

Should your tests reveal SNHL, our audiologists may encourage you to consider hearing aids. Our audiologists will use information from your in-depth examination and medical history to advise you on the best hearing aid for your needs.

Can I try my hearing aid before buying it?

You’ll always have the final say in your hearing aid choice. At I Love Hearing, you can always try it before you buy it.

Will I Love Hearing help me set up my hearing aid?

Once you choose your hearing aid, our hearing aid specialists will program your aid to fit your needs. You will be shown how to insert, remove, and care for your hearing aids, including battery maintenance and changing.

More Questions?

Want to know more about our hearing aid process and what kinds of hearing aids might be right for you? Visit I Love Hearing’s Hearing Aid FAQ page or book an appointment with our audiologists today.