Hearing Aid Fitting and Repair

With the high-quality hearing aid fittings that we provide at I Love Hearing Inc., you will never complain about itching or discomfort again. Our hearing care team will ensure that your device is properly fit to your ears and your settings are adjusted so you can fully hear the world in all its beauty.

How Hearing Aid Fitting Works

At your hearing aid fitting appointment, our hearing aid specialists will first adjust your hearing aid’s positioning to remain secure on your ear without causing you any pain. Our specialists will then adjust your device settings for your hearing needs, test your hearing while your device is activated, detail how to properly care for your hearing aids, and introduce you to all your hearing aid’s features.

We also consider the environments in which you’ll spend the most time. Big restaurant-goer? Our audiologists know how to adjust your hearing aids to let you hear clearly through the clamor of people and clatter of plates. No two people need the same exact assistance from their hearing aids (even two people with the same exact hearing loss), so our audiologists work tirelessly to achieve the hearing aid settings perfect for you.

Live Speech Mapping

See your results in real time! At I Love Hearing, our audiologists use Live Speech Mapping so you can see the difference you hear. Our audiologists use probe microphones and live real time speech to map your hearing improvements right in front of you.

Follow-Up Fittings

Our audiologists are the hearing aid industry’s leading experts, but nobody can predict every single environment you’ll enter. That’s why we recommend follow-up appointments after your initial fitting. You might find yourself still struggling to hear at parties, or you might find busy streets too loud. At your follow-up appointment, when you tell our hearing aid specialists about your experiences, they’ll readjust your settings to give you the best hearing possible.

Additionally, if you feel any discomfort, itching, or sweating, then schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Our audiologists will take every step possible toward giving you a seamless hearing aid fitting. We undergo training every quarter from every brand so we are always up to date on the newest software from each brand.

Hearing Aid Repair

Encountering difficulties with your hearing aids? We can fix them. Our audiologists can address feedback, interference, overly tight fits, and many other forms of hearing aid damage or malfunction.

How Hearing Aid Repair Works

If you notice any signs that your hearing aid requires repair, contact us to schedule an appointment. To determine where the problem lies, our hearing aid specialists will check your hearing while you wear your hearing aids.

Can I Fix It Myself?

Occasionally, signs that your hearing aid is malfunctioning might just reflect that you’re behind on maintenance and care. However, in most cases, your hearing aids will require repair from our hearing aid specialists. Contact I Love Hearing to discuss your hearing aid issues and learn what our specialists can do for you.

Hearing Aid Services at I Love Hearing

At I Love Hearing, we offer the following hearing aid services to residents of Nassau County cities including Port Washington and East Meadow:

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Testing

Hearing Protection

Tinnitus Therapy

Ear Wax Management

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