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The Widex Moment Offers Unparalleled Audio Quality, Many Styles

Widex Moment

At I Love Hearing, we’re excited to announce that the newest Widex hearing aid model, the Widex Moment, is now available for our patients! The Widex Moment utilizes state of the art technology to deliver audio without lag, so those with mild to severe hearing loss can keep up with conversations, TV shows, and any other sound around them. Read on to learn more about the Widex Moment and determine if this exciting new model is right for you.

What’s new about the Widex Moment?

The brand new Widex Moment delivers a clear, natural, and pure sound that cannot be reproduced on many other hearing aid devices. Since they have dual processors, these hearing aids process sound twice as fast, eliminating the lag that some hearing aid wearers experience. This technology, called PureSound, has been tested and proven to deliver sound at realistic signal to noise ratios (SNRs).

“Some older hearing aids have a delay in speech because they can’t quickly process and deliver sound to the auditory cortex, and this delay greatly impacts those with severe hearing loss,” said Jessica Gibson, clinical specialist at I Love Hearing. “Typically, a hearing aid creates an artificial sound, but because of the dual processing in the new hearing aid, you can now hear every moment like you used to.”

Along with dual processing, the Widex Moment uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize your hearing experience, thus making your hearing perfect for each and every moment. With this AI-powered personalization, your hearing aids can also automatically adjust your hearing levels in real-time so you don’t have to worry about fixing them. Widex Moment hearing aids seamlessly match themselves to all aspects of your daily life.

You might think that AI in hearing aids sounds futuristic, but it’s not even the only one-of-a-kind thing about these hearing aids! Thanks to remote hearing aid adjustments, these hearing aids can get whatever alterations needed without ever needing to go into a repair center or store. Whether you’re staying inside more due to COVID-19, can’t make it out due to bad weather, or simply have a hectic schedule that makes keeping appointments difficult, you can skip out on the in-person adjustments without missing a beat — or note.

Other features of the new Widex Moment include:

  • Various models: Regardless of the design that best fits your needs and lifestyle, there’s a Widex Moment model for you – in fact, you can choose from six different models to best satisfy your needs. Use whichever hearing aid type supports your preferences, whether that’s a completely-in-canal (CIC) aid, a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model, or an in-the-ear (ITE) style. “The Widex Moment is fully adaptable to the hearing aid wearer’s lifestyle,” said Gibson. “You may want a specific color, style, or fit, and the Widex Moment has lots of options to choose from.”

  • Water-resistant: The Widex Moment’s smart engineering and durable microphones make it long-lasting. Its advanced, water-resistant nano-coating protects it from moisture and gives you peace of mind whether you’re wearing your hearing aids rain or shine.

  • Rechargeable: The convenience of the Widex Moment’s slim wireless charger is a great feature as well. You won’t have to struggle with changing batteries or plugging in any cables – just place them on the portable charger when it’s time to recharge.

Widex Moment specifications

Below is some additional information about the Widex Moment to help you decide which model is best for you:

  • Available models: Multiple, including CIC, RIC, and ITE
  • Processor types: Dual core
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes, with non-rechargeable options available
  • Battery length: 35-165 hours depending on model
  • Water-resistant: Yes
  • Remote adjustments: Yes
  • Hearing loss type: Mild to severe, except the mRIC 312 D and the REC 213 D, which are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss

Is the Widex Moment right for you?

No two individuals are the same when it comes to hearing loss. The best way to find out if the Widex Moment (or any other hearing aid) is right for you is to try them out. That’s why I Love Hearing offers free trials: spend two weeks with the Widex Moment and determine for sure if its functionality, look, and fit are right for your lifestyle. If you love the Widex Moment — great! We’ll send you home with them in hand. If they aren’t the best option for you, your hearing aid specialist will help you find a different model. Contact I Love Hearing now to speak with a specialist, make an appointment, and start your journey to better hearing!